About me

I’m Jason Perry

Record producer, songwriter and a+r manager at Medical Records….

My studio is by the sea in Essex England, but I love to work anywhere anyhow. I just completed the latest Mcfly album, Radio-Active. I some
how persuaded the boys to record in Sydney Australia;… we had an amazing time. And it sounds great. Back in England I’ve spent the Summer busy in the studio working on a record with the awesome Mathew P and writing songs for Warners who publish me…. Outside, the weather has been shitty….

I love being in the studio and I always try to make it the happiest
most easy going place, where everyone can be creative and positive and, I love big rock and huge pop songs and I love to get the very best out of people……

I’m also the singer for the band “’A’” and rely on all of my ten years of touring and recording and lack of sleep when i’m in the studio….

We’re gonna be making a record in 2019… can’t wait for that ……
it’’ll sound like The Police…. Usually does!

That’’s me……

I can be reached at