Guide Tones in Improvisation Guitar Lesson

Hey guys, this is another cool video about guitar lesson. In this video, you will come across a new concept named guide tones. The understanding of this concept helps you to identify the nature of the chord. Then what are you waiting for? If you like to play guitar, then watch this video and understand the function of the chord.

What I would like to discuss today is a concept of guide tones, the guide tone with a guide tone within a chord are the third and seventh of the edge chord what it sounds you like. Well, that help and identify the nature and the function of the chord especially useful in improvising over what we are going to discuss today, directly it is good with the campaign but perhaps another time. So I am going to use a blues as an example of this. I am going to use bluesing J; our first chord will be j7.

The notes with my j7 G,B ,T and F. The guide tones will be the third and seventh. In this case, B and F, the C chord will be the next one but typically the four of the C chord blues. The notes with my chord C,E, G ,B flat the guide tones, in this case, B and Bflat.

And for D7 chord ya the recorded improvisation will have D, F sharp, I and C, the notes that make up the guide tones we not to do the guide tones are F sharp and C. Now there is really useful I as said for acknowledging the chord that is the excellent thing to do when you’re improvising. When I play G7, now I play a couple of these.

I think you did not do getting saw at the end of the chord or do for a couple of hours. Perhaps see our C chord, I will give you a better demonstration of all that with a backing track in a sec. But before we get there, this is a couple of other things I will like to tell you all. Typically if you hear someone playing over such a progression without going to the blues chord. And that’s cool it’s thousands and thousands of great guitar players come out of that.

But if you are playing scales, it is a big hit miss. It is close but not always quietly, hopefully, you hear with the demo am I back to give on this track where I am going to play with chord, and you the guide tones are full have that scale, and the scale is too useful I am not saying get rid of that. But I want to make bit more reference the chord as well I will start the track.

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